Sunday, 9 June 2013

baltic tour



 St. Petersburg


It was absolutely beautiful. Such an great trip, with amazing people and beautiful destinations. 
I would absolutely recommend a Baltic Cruise to anyone - and the Silversea cruise line is a perfect way to do this. And as you can see - we had sunny and warm weather (yep - in Scandinavia). 

More pictures and restaurant recommendations will follow (because the food was so incredibly delicious)

Hope you had a great weekend. 


O said...

Wow Pris, looks amazing! Xo

Kathleen's Blog said...

I can't believe this....I am taking a cruise of the Baltic Sea from Dover, England in mid-July!!! There are six of us traveling to London England for a few days before our cruise. Your photos of the exact spots that we are visiting are breathtaking!! I look forward to seeing more of the photos from y0ur trip.

Priscilla Joy said...

Hi Kathleen,

Unfortunately I can't see your blog to leave you a few tips. So just in case you revisit here:

In Copenhagen - try to boat tour around the city. It is lovely. Also, for some nice shopping and a roof top cafe visit Ilum.

In Helsinki - the main park is wonderful and there is a great shop called Marimekko with beautiful colorful things.

In St. Petersburg - Peterhof is a must. An absolute favourite. Head to the Hermitage in the early morning when it is not so busy yet.

In Stockholm - the boat tour and the restaurants are great.



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