Friday, 15 March 2013

happy friday

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This morning I went for a morning-swim (at 7.20am). The water....hmmm.... quite chilly at first, but after a while it was divine. My weekend started with the appreciation for the Caribbean weather. I know it is cold and snowing in some places, so we need to appreciate the warmth wherever we can find it.....even if it is all the way in Morrocco for some people ;) So I decided to share some of this island beauty of Curacao with you (see images 2,4 and 6)

Tomorrow I will be starting my photography course, painting a Chichi (more on that to follow) and hopefully enjoy a few more swims. 
Have a splendid weekend. 
Smile loads. 
Look for the details. 


O said...

Have a great weekend Pris, enjoy the photography class, the swims and the warmth! Big kiss from chilly Amsterdam xoxo

dustjacket said...

Have a gorgeous weekend ... xxx D

design elements said...

beautiful, Pris! Just saw Diaghilev and the Golden Age on my book shleves and thought of you. Happy Sunday


Marina said...

Such an awesome pictures, looks divine!!


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