Friday, 30 November 2012

happy friday

Images via Dustjacket Attic and Pinterest

Usually I am a very girly girl. I love the tiny details of the Laduree boxes, blush coloured heels, flowers and Dyptique candles, beautiful perfume and the luxury of a long bubble baths. But tonight (and last weekend) I will be at the Drag-races with Mr. D. I am slowly but surely learning how to (productively) be part of the racing team....which includes working on the engine....which means grease and oil....everywhere. I am learning though...(and the baby wipes are near matter how much the guys laugh at it). It is fun though, and I am happy to part of it. 
So before all that coolness of motorsports, I will leave you with some exquisite images of Tiffany's, peonies and Paris. 

Have a splendid weekend. 


O said...

Happy Friday Pris, you are a girly girl indeed, but also love the new drag racing side of you :). Can't wait to see you next week xoxo

dustjacket said...

Oh wow, drag racing..way to go!
Happy Friday, xxx


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