Tuesday, 7 February 2012

the pelican

Photos from own collection

As some of you might know my photography-skills are not quite as wonderful as I would like them to be (class will be taken to improve this). But, I can't resist sharing these images with you.
Almost every Saturday and Sunday we make our way to the boat, cruise the Spanish Waters and head to Barbara Beach. This Sunday, we had a visitor. The Pelican. There he was, lounging away on the deck, soaking in the sun. (Mind you, he didn't move till we were almost ready to leave). Such a funny sight to see.
(Let's hope he is just a visitor and not a permanent resident.....this is an odor related matter).



O said...

Selly huh? Funny! xoxo

classiq said...

There is something about boats and harbors that fascinates me. Maybe the thought of challenges awaiting. :)

design elements said...

this visitor looks great! a hug to you and to the Pelican too. It s snowing here all the week long. I've never seen so much snow no even in a ski resort :)

HUGS to you, Pris


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