Wednesday, 14 December 2011

eataly new york

Images from own collection
200, 5th Avenue
(And me before heading to Eataly on our last day in the city)
(with loads of Laduree macaroons in those bags)

If by chance you are in New York any time soon, make sure to pass by Eataly.
Try to avoid the rush-hour times....other than that, great place, amazing food, delicious wine and lovely people. I really wanted to bring home some of that pasta and those oeoe-so-wonderful truffles.


Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

That all looks so delish!
Glad to have found your blog!


Do you want to know something? I've NEVER been!!! Can you believe? I was scared away by the crowds when it first opened and have never even attempted to go. It's crazy because I pass it all the time. I'll be sure to go after the holidays though. Once NYC gets a little less crowded :) xoxo

O said...

Sounds delicious! When are we going? xoxo


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