Monday, 14 November 2011

afternoon tea

Images from own collection
Thanks to my dad for coming over and being the photographer

   Good morning and welcome to another wonderful week in November.
I hope you had a fabulous weekend.
Mine was absolutely exquisite.

It started out like any 'normal' Saturday, with pancakes in the morning and a bit of shopping. I was supposed to meet my mother and a few others for a late afternoon lunch at the Hyatt that day. My mom picked me up at exactly 4.05pm, and informed me that we had todrop off a large serving plate to my aunts' house (for a party she was supposed to have on Sunday) before heading to the lunch. (Mind you....just for some visual effects, I had just done my nails and was wearing slippers at this point). We arrived at the house of Anneliese, and just then it started raining. (to continue with the visual effects, I was wearing a gorgeous new blouse which I absolutely did not want to get wet in the rain and thus I place the serving dish on top of my head….and ran up the front porch to her house….not very chic I might add). Her car was not in the drive way, and thus I obviously expected to meet my uncle when opening the door.

As I peeked through the window I saw quite some people in the house. A few thoughts raced through my mind. First I thought, hmmm my mom was mistaken, my aunts event is today. Then as everyone yelled 'SURPRISE' I thought....hmmm they think I am someone else. But then I recognized some of my friends, and it turns out my amazing family and friends organized a surprise afternoon tea to celebrate the finalization of my master’s degree. It was simply, extraordinarily and completely exquisite. (As you must be noticing I absolutely did not expect anything….I mean seriously who runs up in the rain wearing slippers with a dish on her head to an uber chic afternoon tea).

Everyone was dressed stunningly with their gorgeous hats. The table was decorated with beautiful fresh flowers, china from my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and my moms friend, (a detail I absolutely love), the delicious pastries and scones and the pretty name plates on each chair. The menu cards were printed on fine rice paper (thanks to my uncle for ironing these) and the tea box beautifully decorated by my mom. My friend Nara, gave a beautiful speech (thanks girls) and we even had gift bags filled with goodies from the aloe farm and Dior.

It was an amazing afternoon, with exquisite details and people I love.
I am truly blessed with such family and friends.



O said...

Wauw! How nice and totally cute! Looks like you had a blast :) xoxo

HOGGER & Co. said...

Oh my; that's such a great story!! Could completely visualize the slippers and dish over your head haha - but that is really sweet of everyone to surprise you. And congrats on finishing your Master's!

What a lovely tea party!

Gawgus things... said...

I so love Afternoon Tea - especially with friends! xx

classiq said...

How wonderful of them to throw you a surprise party! Lovely photos. :)

Fabrizia said...

These photos are amazing, I like them! Sounds like so much fun!Nice post!

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Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

So lovely! What wonderful friends and family you have! Everyone looks so pretty too in those hats!

xo Mary Jo

sylvie sourit said...

Thank you for the story. It's nice to have all the details of this sweet attention from your parents and friends. You are very lucky to have so many nice people around you !

design elements said...

finalization of my master’s degree! congrats, Pris! and what a lovely surprise. you look absolutely exquisite

big hug

A Heel in Mint said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the table setting.

Heel in Mint


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