Friday, 21 October 2011

happy friday

Images via various sources

Good morning! It is Friday once again. A rainy Friday here on the island (which is cosy when you are still lying in bed, but inpractical when you are wearing a white shirt....yes not smart.....but it looks so nice with the white pearls....hmmm). Happy to note though that I made it to the office with an unstained shirt.

Today I am all into the mailboxes (let me note that I absolutely love sending out snail mail to my friends, I very much enjoy receiving cards.....but any other mail.....well..... lets just say I have a lot of filing to do....which I promise I will get to soon). But I love these mailboxes. And am (still) considering painting mine orange......perphaps it will make the mailman smile more often. But if I ever find one like in the last photograph.....oeoelala.....tres chic.

Have a beautiful Friday
Smile loads.



odes said...

Orange sounds like a great color for you mailbox, do it! kisses o


Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie! Hope it stops raining soon :) xoxo

Meta Musings said...

love the last one! stay dry! xx

Anonymous said...

Prissy!! Read your post today and received your card :) what a coincidence! Did you receive mine already? Have a lovely weekend!

Xxx Eve

Dustjacket Attic said...

Ooo I want a letter box just like the last one!

Have a great weekend,
xxx DJ


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