Monday, 4 April 2011


Images from Tom Ford Glasses

It has come to the point that I need glasses (not sunglasses); not something I had particularly looked forward to. It took quite some looking around to find a pair I liked (let's be honest I first had to get used to the fact that my face looked completely different with a pair of glasses....cause changes you face dramatically. These are not the all stylish, wonderful sunglasses that look chic and sophisticated when lounging away on the beach. Though I must say that the ones I choose look quite nice and after a while of having them one I got used to this "new" look of mine. (of course I received the necessary teasing regarding my age (I am not that old) and my brother was quick in giving me the new nickname "four eyes" before I had even bought the glasses). I am sure that within a few weeks I will be completely accustomed to having them one and no on will notice anything different (I really hope so). In any case, I have the lenses as back up. Let's see how it goes. :)


Tara said...

S wears glasses as well. They are charming and chic, sweet and darling. You will look as fabulous as you always do, my dear!

With love... said...

Thank you Tara. Big hug for G, S and L. xx


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